About Us
Oxford Investments Group is a team and network of high net-worth investors that specialize in single and multi-family real estate. We believe the buying and selling process should be simple and easy for the homeowner, and have created a very simple process for helping home owners sell their property fast. 

Here's why our process is so unique: Oxford Investments Group or our partners will purchase your home as-is and give you cash. This gives you the freedom to relocate for your job, pay debts, or go on vacation. We then will repair, improve, and either rent or hold your property as a long term investment. 

This simple system is a win-win for homeowners and investors. You as a home owner will be able to sell your home fast, receive cash, and not have to deal with the head ache of real estate agents, repairs, fees, or constant open houses. Us and our investors are happy because they can make a profit long-term by holding onto your property, repairing, or renting. Everyone wins!
Our Mission
Our mission is to make it easy, fast, and simple for homeowners to sell their homes. We believe the old system of listing your house, waiting 90-180 days for it to sell (if it ever does) and dealing with repairs, open houses, and fees is outdated. We make your life easy by buying your house in cash, fast, and without hidden fees.
Who We Are
Oxford Investments Group is an investments company with a comprehensive network of high net-worth real estate investors. We help homeowners by either buying your house outright, or searching our network for the perfect investor to pay cash fast for your property. This allows you the freedom of selling your house easily, with no hassle, and lightning fast.
Wondering How To Sell Your House Fast?
Typically selling a home can take months or even years. Sometimes you even have to deal with lazy real estate agents, repair costs, hidden fees, and people constantly coming in and out of your house in their dirty shoes.

Whether you need to relocate for a new job, to care for an elderly family member who’s suddenly fallen ill, or because you simply can’t handle your mortgage payments for even one more month, there are plenty of circumstances in which you might need to unload your precious home at lightning speed. We'll help you and buy your house in any condition.
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